About Us

Friendly Service

Each of us here at SPAscape are dedicated to the client experience. But knowing the best techniques is only part of the process, we're also here to make you feel great. Whether you're here for a one-hour service or an entire day, your happiness is of utmost importance!

Relaxing Environment

SPAscape focuses solely on the relaxation of your mind, body, and personal well being. Our massage, facial, and nail services work to create a soothing environment that lets you lose touch with the outside world for a few hours.

Our Team

Jazmin Balleza


Massage Therapist
Facial Specialist

Nail Specialist

"Believe it or not, I've wanted to be a massage therapist since I was a kid! I have always dealt with migraines and learned at an early age that massage was a great way of managing my pain. I completed my certification in 2009 and loved the industry so much that I went back to school to earn my facial and nail specialty licenses. Massage therapy allows me to help clients ease their own pain, reduce their stress, and allow them time for themselves."

Niki Chatas


Massage Therapist 


"Hi! I have lived in Lake Wales since 2011 and also became a licensed massage therapist that same year. I went to Keiser University where I received my Associates degree in Massage Therapy. I became a licensed massage therapist to help people relax and rejuvenate sore or injured muscles. My favorite part of Massage Therapy is taking the stress away from people who acquire stress and sore muscles on a daily basis by providing a relaxing massage that soothes the soul. The types of therapies that I provide included relaxation massage, deep-tissue massage, pregnancy massage,  reflexology,  hot stones massage and medical / sports massage therapy." 

Shelley Snavely


 Massage Therapist 


"Stress, it is an intricate part of our everyday life. This is one of the main reasons I decided to pursue Massage Therapy as a profession. I've always enjoyed researching alternative ways to treat pain & improve wellness, so massage therapy was a natural progression to compliment this hobby. My favorite part about being a LMT is meeting new people. Every day is a new experience because of my amazing, wonderful clients. Each one has become a special part of my life and I am blessed to know them. I have had specialized training in Neuro Muscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Lypossage, Arthrossage, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage to name a few. Ilook forward to continuing my profession at our new office, SPAscape, in Lake Wales. I am thankful for each new client, and hopefully can support them in coping with the stress in their lives as well."

Our Nail Tech

Katie Klifman


Nail Specialist

"I have been lucky enough to do my dream job for the past 8 years! My goal is to help people have beautiful, strong, and healthy nails. I enjoy helping people get ready for big occasions such as homecoming, prom, weddings and much more. I love helping people relax and encourage them to take time for themselves."